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Electrical Contractor in Dubai & Sharjah

Electrical Contractor in Dubai and Sharjah

Being a leading service provider company in Dubai and Sharjah, we have separate teams for each service who are trained separately under professional supervision to get the best out of every individual. Years of training and experience made us a competent team that has been providing services to residential, commercial, and industrial structures.

Our team is capable of performing in both large-scale electrical projects as well as small installation and fixing. We provide a thorough maintenance service that covers many aspects of electrical fixing and repairing. The team consists of engineers, designers, electricians, and professional workers to support your electrical needs.

Importance of Hiring a Reliable Electrical Contractor

When it comes to electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance, hiring a reliable electrical contractor is of paramount importance. Their expertise and professionalism ensure not only the safety of electrical systems but also the quality of workmanship.

Ensuring Safety: Electrical hazards and potential risks are a constant concern, especially when dealing with complex electrical systems. Professional contractors possess the knowledge, skills, and experience to identify and mitigate these hazards. They comply with safety standards and regulations, guaranteeing that installations and repairs are carried out with the utmost care and adherence to industry best practices.

Quality Workmanship: The quality of electrical work is directly linked to the expertise and experience of the contractor. Reliable electrical contractors bring technical knowledge and proficiency to every project. Quality workmanship not only enhances the performance of electrical systems but also prolongs their lifespan, reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements.

Compliance with Codes and Regulations: Electrical systems must comply with local building codes and electrical regulations to ensure safety and legal compliance. Reliable electrical contractors are well-versed in these codes and regulations, ensuring that all installations and repairs meet the necessary requirements. By adhering to safety standards set by authorities, they help individuals and businesses avoid legal consequences, penalties, and potential liability issues.

Expertise and Specialization: Whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial projects, reliable contractors bring specialized knowledge to the table. By leveraging their expertise, they offer valuable advice and recommendations to clients, ensuring the implementation of cost-effective and sustainable electrical systems.

Efficient Project Management: A Professional electrical contractor plan and organize electrical projects, considering factors such as timelines, budgets, and resources. With their expertise, they ensure projects are completed within the agreed-upon time frame and budget, minimizing delays and cost overruns. Their efficient project management skills guarantee smooth workflow, reduce downtime, and contribute to successful project outcomes.

Cost-Effectiveness: Professional electrical contractors offer transparent pricing, fair estimates, and energy-efficient solutions that lead to long-term cost savings on operational expenses. By avoiding costly mistakes and rework caused by inexperienced or unqualified individuals, they save both time and money.

Reliability and Long-Term Support: A reliable contractor ensures access to reliable customer support and service. In the event of emergencies or electrical issues, these contractors are prompt in their response and provide timely assistance. Furthermore, reliable electrical contractors stand behind their workmanship by offering warranties and guarantees on their services. This demonstrates their commitment to customer satisfaction and their willingness to provide long-term support even after the project is completed.

Electrical Services in Dubai & Sharjah

Electrical Services in Dubai & Sharjah

MEP Design And Shop Drawing

An electrical project starts from MEP designing. MEP design is an in-depth and detailed design of a construction site. Here, MEP stands for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing – all three of these systems altogether make a construction successful.

Before starting with the project, a report is made upon discussion with the client. The report goes through multiple run checks and once everything is confirmed, an MEP design is prepared where electrical designs are incorporated with mechanical and plumbing designs. Next, a shop drawing is prepared that includes the dimensions and other details.

Approvals From Authority (SEWA, DEWA & Others)

Technical competence alone is not enough for an electrical project. A project can’t be started without the authority’s approval. Once we undertake a project, we take full responsibility for it, which includes making the basic report, creating the MEP design and shop drawing; and then finally getting approvals from SEWA (Sharjah electricity, water, and gas authority) or DEWA (Dubai electricity and water authority) or others state appropriate authority.

We will submit a tender document containing the MEP design and shop design, then correct or edit if any changes are required, and then finally get the approval to start with the project.

MEP Testing and Commissioning Contractor in Dubai and Sharjah 

MEP testing and commissioning is like a prerequisite before getting the approval from SEWA or DEWA and handing the designs over to the clients. A point to note here is that testing and commissioning will be done by the DEWA or SEWA inspection team before giving out the approvals, but it is still vital for contractors to run through their own testing and commissioning to make sure that everything is in good condition.

This report contains details regarding the project, plans, electrical loads, and ongoing systems. Thus it gets easy to determine any required changes or modifications.

Electrical Conduiting / Electrical Piping

Electrical conduiting Services in Dubai & Sharjah

Conduiting is unskippable when you’re working with electrical projects that concern designing, wiring, and installation. It is a way to cover and protect the wiring from heat, rain, snow, moisture, and any other external forces. It also works as a linking path for wires.

Conduits can be plastic or metal pipes, tubes, or even ducts. It basically houses all the wiring that surrounds a building or a structure. Shabab al Freej successfully provides premium building conduiting service.

Distribution Board/ Control Panel suppliers in Dubai & Sharjah

Electrical Contracting Company in uae at dubai,sharjah, ajman

The distribution board (DB) contains different types of terminals, fuses, and other components of electrical circuits breakers such as-ELCB, RCCB, MCB and magnetic contactor to control a loads (Light, Fridge, A/C, Fan etc.) or prevent equipment from overload of voltage and current. 

A Control panel is a panel that contains meters, recorders, and control switches. It contains Magnetic contactor, Relay, Timers, Counters etc.

Electrical Switchgear Company in Dubai & Sharjah

Electrical Switchgear Company in Dubai & Sharjah

Switchgear is the set of pieces of equipment (circuit breakers, fuses, switches) to safeguard the electrical system. Whether it’s a large-scale project like big industrial plants, factories, and institutional buildings, or small-scale power generation stations – we provide switchgear, distribution board, and control panel assembly, fixing, and maintenance service for everything.

Wiring Service

A wiring service includes the installation of electrical cabling, switches, sockets, outlets, circuit boards, and affiliate devices. It is a way of connecting electrical energy distribution systems to energy-consuming devices by a network of wires. Here at Shabab al Freej, we install, maintain, and fix the electrical wiring system.

Lightning Protection and Earthing Services

Lightning protection is a way of diverting lightning so it can not cause any harm to a structure and its users. This protective measure is taken by the method called earthing where an alternative path is created to divert the lightning energy to the ground. Our team offers reliable lightning protection and earthing service with the best types of equipment possible.

AC Contracting Services

Shabab al Freej provides you with a top-notch AC contracting service. AC contracting service needs to be trustworthy and proficient. Our team consists of experts who can prepare the perfect HVAC design to ensure the best health for the machine and maintain air quality indoors.

Apart from the HVAC design, our team is constantly working with project testing, MEP designing, commissioning, installation, fixing, and maintenance. All these make us an even more reliable suitor for AC contracting. We provide air conditioning services for air conditioners of all types, ventilation and exhausting system services, duct work, and maintenance services. Not to mention, all these will be done with proper design, planning, and heat load calculation.

Electrical Contracting Company & Electrical Maintenance Services in Dubai & Sharjah

Electrical Services In Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman & Others Emirates

Electrical Short Circuit Fixing

Feeling troubled due to a sudden short circuit problem? Stop worrying over it and just let us handle everything. We understand that a short circuit problem can’t be taken lightly and that it needs immediate attention. You can simply let us know a summary of the problem that you’re facing and book an appointment with us. We provide urgent electrical fixing service.

DB Box Breaker Trip Fixing

A DB box breaker trips when there’s any unusual flow of electricity. When there’s too much electricity flowing through the system, the breaker trips to cut off the flow and to protect the circuit system and the power consumption devices. If you’re having trouble like this or similar to this, contact us. Our team inspects and provides top-grade fixing service concerning DB boxes.

Electrical Wiring Fixing And Changing

Electrical Wiring Services In Dubai and Sharjah

Fault in electrical wiring can result in serious electrical mishaps. Any unusual condition in the electrical system can cause the whole system to break down. This is not only risky but also very disturbing. If you’re facing problems with electrical wiring that needs a change or some fixings, give us a call. Even if you’re unsure about the problem and need someone to check and find out the problem for you, we are more than eager to help.

Switch/ Socket Changing

Do you need to change the switches or sockets of your place? Our technicians are real experts in handling these. Just contact us and we’ll take care of it.

Light/ Lamp Fixing

Light fixing in Dubai and Sharjah

It is normal for light or lamp to break down suddenly that you can’t handle yourself. But we’ve got you covered. We provide premium and prompt light and lamp fixing service.

Chandelier Hanging And Wiring Fixing

A chandelier can enhance the beauty of a space. Setting up a chandelier and hanging it right is not an easy task. We have experts who regularly deal with jobs like these. Also, if you’re having problems with the chandelier and need it to get checked, you can contact us. We’ll check the wiring and perform fixing where it’s needed.

Loose Electrical Connection Fixing

Loose electrical connections are more dangerous than we know. Sometimes, it does not end with just flickering of lights and slowing down of fans. Before it causes serious damage it is wise to take swift service from a compatible electrical service provider company. This is exactly where we come in. While taking care of the existing loose connection problem, we’ll also run a thorough inspection of all other connections and fix them if needed.

Overheated Wire and Burn Cable Insulation

Overheating causes damage to the insulation. Our team harbours vast knowledge in this sector. They can fix any issues with wires and cables with great expertise.

Water Heater Fixing

Water Heater Fixing

Did the water heater at your place stop working? We have water heater technicians that can help solve all the issues regarding water heaters or geysers.

Why Shabab al Freej Building Contracting?

Best Electrical contractors in UAE

1. Safety Compliant Electrical Works

We can’t overlook safety when electricity is concerned. We conduct our task with caution and even after finishing a project, we opt for multiple trials and errors to ensure full safety. Safety gears are worn by the workers all the time at work. Also, if the area of the work is large that has other people working together, we make sure that everyone present on the site is well educated about the rules and regulations and that they are following them religiously.

2. Quality Assurance

Along with maintaining a strict work environment to ensure safety, we’re also very much aware of the quality of our service. Quality is everything when it comes to any type of service. We at Shabab al Freej believe in quality and standard. Therefore, only the best materials and pieces of equipment are used during a project.

We are always checking on our equipment and monitoring the existing systems to keep all types of faults in check both during and after a job is done. All our electrical installation, construction, fixing, and maintenance services are provided keeping the standards in check.

3. Economic Electricity Consumption

By assuring power quality, we ensure that the operation cost and utilities are kept minimal and in balance. We also carefully take care of all the leakages and faults starting from the distribution board to lights, fans, and other power-consuming devices so that no unnecessary electricity is consumed.

4. Job Done By Qualified Professionals And Best Electricians 

We believe in professionalism and that’s how we’ve been serving our clients for years. All our staff and workers are experts in their own fields. They receive training for years according to their skills and abilities. One thing about Shabab al Freej is that you never need to worry about the quality of the work. Not only electrical projects, but we maintain our reputation and work ethics in terms of all the services that we offer. We’re very much serious about our jobs in all the sectors that we provide services for.

Best Electrical contractor in Dubai & Sharjah

Best Electrical contractor in Dubai & Sharjah

Shabab al Freej has been serving their clients for years regarding various electrical projects along with many other services related to construction both residential and industrial spaces. We always try to conduct our work in an energy-efficient way that will ensure higher performance and an affordable budget. Once you let us work for you, you’ll know how competent and reliable our workers, as well as our services, are.

If you need an electrical contractor for a large job, small job, specific task, or a custom project, all you need to do is get in touch with us. We’ll listen to your needs and give you the best service at a price that you can afford. We know our job and we try to make the best use of our knowledge and experience.